Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Marks One Year!!

The last week of October found us in Dubrovnik, Croatia at the Adriatic North Missionary Senior's Conference.  It was good to see a few familiar faces and meet all the new comers.  What a beautiful setting for a conference!  We had a wonderful time being spiritually fed by President and Sister Grant and President and Sister Lotric.      

Every morning we were able to enjoy breakfast out on the terrace by the Adriatic Sea with our good friends.  What more could we ask for?                                                                                

 After our conference meetings, we were able to visit Old Town Dubrovnik and enjoy looking at all the fun displays and shops.     

The drive from Dubrovnik back to Podgorica was very enjoyable with the beautiful clear blue sky and the bright colored leaves among all the rocks.

We arrived back in Podgorica just in time to join with the elders, members and guests for a Halloween party at the Branch building.  Everyone had fun playing games, visiting, and of course, eating refreshments.

As hard as it seems to believe, we have been in Podgorica, Montenegro for one year!  We have traveled this street many times.  The tall skinny tree was always a landmark for us as we tried to find our way around Podgorica as new missionaries.

 Bright and early one morning, we were on our way to Pluzine to meet with school officials concerning a potential project.  What a beautiful surprise we had as we rounded a corner.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The town of Pluzine is located high in the mountains near the Bosnian border.  It sits on the hillside by Pivsko Lake.

We were able to travel to Niksic during the month to close a project that LDS Charities has completed with the Paraplegic Association.  It was fun to visit with all of our friends in the Association and see them busy and having a great time working together.  

        One of our special friends in the Association, busy at the loom that was donated by LDS Charities.

During the month of November, we celebrated three birthday within a ten day period - Nenad, Elder Larson, and Elder Harris.  We decided to celebrate with a pizza and birthday cake lunch.

                                                                                We traveled to the southeast part of Montenegro to the town of Plav to visit the new Senior Citizen's Center.  LDS Charities had partnered with the Red Cross to provide furnishings and supplies for the elderly people to enjoy - notice the two elderly people in the back.
                                                                                                                                                                While in Plav, we were treated to lunch by the Red Cross at a rustic Montenegrin restaurant by Lake Plav.  It was a beautiful place with many antiques and unique furnishings.  The kind doctor sitting next to Elder Taylor donates his time at the Senior Center.

The rainy, cold day before Thanksgiving, we received a call the the long-awaited wheelchair shipment had arrived at the Red Cross warehouse.  Our wonderful elders were called into service to help unload the shipping container.  

Elder Taylor had the job of placing the empty pallets into the container.  The wheelchair cartons were stacked on the pallet and then transported by a forklift into the warehouse.

           Job completed - 375 wheelchairs inside of the warehouse and ready to be used to bless lives!


Thanksgiving Day 2015 in Podgorica, Montenegro!  Four special elders and one special Nenad (who never smiles) helped Elder and Sister Taylor enjoy a wonderful day.

As per Taylor tradition on the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations went up.  Of course, we had so many that it took us about ten minutes.  Now we're looking forward to a wonderful December in Podgorica as we celbrate the Christmas season.