Sunday, February 28, 2016

February in a Flash!

During the month of February, we were excited to have two new projects approved.  The first is working with a school system in Pluzine, which is located in a deep canyon by a beautiful lake.  LDS Charities will provide computers to help their students and teachers.

The second approved project will be providing closets for bedrooms and a book shelf for the library of a safe house for women and children in Niksic.

We were excited to have our son, Jeff, who was on a business trip, spend a few days with us in Podgorica.  While he was here, we were able to show him some of this beautiful country of Montenegro - the coast areas and Moraca canyon, including the Moraca Monastery.  He was a little nervous on the roads, but we had a wonderful time.

We've always felt quite short here compared to all the tall Montenegrin people.  This huge bench is found at the entrance to old town in Kotor, one of the places we visited with Jeff.

President and Sister Lotric from the ANM Presidency visited Podgorica from February 19 to 21.  We enjoyed having them take part in our Sacrament services.  It was wonderful to have twenty-three in attendance at our meetings.  After meetings and visiting, we enjoyed lunch at our apartment with the Lotrics, Nenad and the elders.

During the month of February, we have been working to close some of our older projects.  It's always a "sacrifice" to drive to the coast to work on projects.  LDS Charities provided an exam chair for this health care center in Tivat.

On our return trip from the coast to Podgorica, we drove through this "rock desert".  It was interesting to see the different formations and shapes of the rocks.  Not much to see but rocks!

"February" showers, and we do mean showers, bring lots of water into the Moraca River.  Normally there is a nice rocky beach about ten feet below this kayak club.  We have watched the water levels in the river rise and fall during the month according to the storms that pass through.

The showers have brough pretty purple and yellow pansies throughout the city of Podgorica.  Spring is definitely thinking about coming one of these days.

The month of February has flown by, and our time in Montenegro is winding down.  With two short months left, we have many things to accomplish, including a project to submit, several to finish and a wheelchair training to prepare for.  Needless to say, we won't be looking for things to do.

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  1. Hi Taylors,

    My name is Nicki Preece and I'm a member of the church in Salt Lake City. I work in Europe every summer as a hiking guide. This year I'm planning a trip for LDS single adults in Europe. We will be traveling to Montenegro and doing a couple of days of river rafting and hiking. I'm trying to get the word to the single adults in your area, because I think they probably don't have many occasions to meet with other single adults of their faith, and we don't get to meet them, and this could be a great opportunity for all of us. Here's the facebook page for this event, with information on how to register: We'd love to have as many people from Montenegro and the other countries in that mission as possible. Our target age range is 25-35 years old, but a little older and and little younger is acceptable. You can contact me on facebook if you have any questions. Thanks, and thank you for your service as missionaries!