Friday, May 27, 2016

Goodbye Montenegro - Hello Idaho!

Saturday, April 31, and Elder and Sister Taylor had our bags all packed and ready to go.  We moved into a hotel for the night so that Elder and Sister Olson could move right into the apartment.  We met the Olsons at the airport, showed them around Podgorica a little, and tried to fill their heads with way too much information.

Of course we had to enjoy one last cacolata from our favorite pekara before we could leave Podgorica.

Our last Sunday with our wonderful Podgorica Branch!  We happened to have five visitors from America.  Our family of seven was absent because they were vacationing for Easter weekend.

We left the Branch and the country of Montenegro in the capable hands of Elder and Sister Olson from Arizona.  We marvel at Sister Olson's courage in coming to Podgorica with a broken wrist.

At the airport with Nenad, Elder Poore and Elder Perry (taking the picture).  It was really hard to leave our special elders, our awesome Nenad, our wonderful members of the Podgorica Branch, and our great friends in Montenegro.

Flying out of Podgorica and Montenegro for our very last time!  We are taking many memories with us which we will always cherish!

We arrived in Zagreb, Croatia, on Sunday evening.  Monday, despite the rain, we were able to tour this beautiful old castle in the Croatia countryside.

Our "last supper" at the Mission Home with President and Sister Grant, who were great hosts.  Also enjoying the meal with us was Elder and Sister Peterson (who were traveling home with us) and Elder and Sister Halling.

After flying from Zagreb to Frankfurt, we had a four hour layover before leaving for our long flight across the ocean on a 747- 400.    The weather was not the greatest - thank goodness we could wait inside.

What a beautiful sight!  It was better to be flying above the clouds, out of the storm and turbulence.

After a short two hour layover in Denver, with customs and passport checks, we barely made our flight to Salt Lake City.  Of course, our awesome family was waiting in the right terminal to meet the returning missionaries.  We, the travel-weary missionaries, unfortunately went to the wrong terminal.  As they waited and wondered why we were late, we wondered why our family wasn't there to meet us.  Finally, we had our joyous reunion with our awesome children and grandchildren.  What a great time this was for us!

Finally, we're settled back in our home in Dayton, Idaho.  Our family took such great care of our home and yard while we were away.  It's good to be home!

    This certainly has been a wonderful Montenegrin adventure!!!

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